We are experiencing a high volume of interest in our portfolio of holiday homes for sale available as an investment opportunity.  

Currently, we have threes sites in Cornwall with a range of holiday properties that are available for sale – have a look at our website to see the range of options in prime holiday locations with the majority having impressive yields based on previous lets. These are available as a total, in clusters or individually – with finance available.

So what are the investment advantages for holiday lets?

  • Tax – Holiday lets attract full interest relief (Buy To Let no longer allow mortgage interest to be deducted from taxable rent profit)
  • Spread of investment risk – Lenders like to see blended portfolios
    • Residential Buy To Let (capital growth and low void periods)
    • Semi-commercial (shops & flats) due to low voids from residential and stable tenants in retail (this is area-specific)
    • Commercial – long tenants and agreed future rental incomes 
    • Holiday let – very high yields and low-risk tenants
    • Self-use allowed
  • On-site management
  • No risk of non-paying tenants
  • Ability to raise finance in various ways

We would love to speak to you further to see how this opportunity could work for you and your personal circumstances. We also recommend that for any investment you consult a suitably qualified advisor.

Call us to today or ask us to contact you here.

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