The Great British ‘Staycation’.

Summer is an important year for domestic tourism with many Brits choosing to holiday at home, and the ongoing outlook appears to be very much the same. The uncertainty about the impact of Brexit, the state of the British economy and the Corona Virus has led people and investors to review their options.

Valley Resorts has seen unprecedented enquiries since the Festive Holidays which have been mainly driven by people now feeling more secure in making decisions that are based on investing in the UK. They have realised that Cornwall and Valley Resorts locations provide a guest accessible, cost-effective investment opportunity, plus the benefit of being easily available for their own use as and when they want.

You or someone you know may recognise some of the reasons to buy a holiday home in the UK;

  • Reduced Travel Time.
  • May Save Money.
  • Be A Tourist In Your Hometown.
  • No Time Difference.
  • Can Take Your Pet(s)
  • It Can Be A Quick Trip.
  • Home Is Never Far Away.
  • Still Get The Opportunity to Plan in new Locations with new Restaurants, Attractions etc.
  • No Jet Lag
  • Supporting the Local Economy

With our locations near Padstow, Porthtowan and Perranporth with holiday homes starting from £130,000 we will have an option that meets your needs with the sites having a history of holiday letting. If you are thinking of investments ask us about investment yields based on previous holiday rentals. With the new tax laws relating to Buy to Let then investing in a holiday home with us could be an even better option than before. If you need finance to support your purchase we can also help you to approved major lenders for each site.

Speak to us today and start the process of buying your holiday home in Cornwall.