Terms and occupation rules

What is a ‘park home’?

What is a ‘leisure lodge’?

Is it just a ‘caravan’?

How long can I stay?

With so many manufacturers with different styles and classifications of homes it can all become a bit confusing. We have written this blog to clarify the differences between park homes and lodges and to help you understand what you can have sited on St Merryn Park.

Firstly we look at the site – so St Merryn Park, St Merryn Park has a licence to be open for 12 months of the year for holiday use. This means owners on St Merryn Park must have another permanent residence; this does not have to be in the UK. We ask annually for proof of place of permanent residence to ensure none of our owners are staying on the park full time. There is no definition or rule that states how long you can stay at any one time or what proportion of the year may be spent in your holiday home.

Park homes and leisure lodges coming to St Merryn Park are built to British Standard BS3632 so you can be confident they are both built to last. In fact they are the same product simply defined separately as park homes are for residential purposes and leisure lodges for holiday purposes. This difference is not reflected in the quality, simply in the design and style. This does not mean that what a manufacturer has classified as a residential home cannot be used as a holiday home.

So when looking at what homes are available it is both the residential and lodge options that are available to have sited on St Merryn Park. It is St Merryn Park’s licence that defines it as a holiday home.

Park homes and lodges are not the same as caravans, it only takes a look around one to see why. Caravans are not built to the same standard and normally lack the levels of insulation. Caravans can often need replacing after defined periods of time (dependant on the park) due to their lower build quality. Park homes and lodges require maintenance like any building but can last as long as any other home.

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