Selling Your Park Home Useful Tips and How We Can Help if You Decide to Sell Your Park Home

Useful Tips and How We Can Help to Sell Your Park Home.

First Steps

Contact our team if you’re thinking about selling your park home. We will have a form you need to fill out and can talk you through the process.  Decide what price you want – we are not professional valuers at Kerdene, so we are unable to give you advice on what your property might be worth.  It will help to look at the preowned properties currently up for sale and think about what those properties offer compared to yours. This can be a useful way of getting a rough guide as to what you can expect for your home. Use a professional valuer and our Park Manager can recommend some third parties for you. Once you have decided what price you would like to advertise your property for, let us know.

Marketing Your Home
We have a marketing package that you may want to take advantage of which includes advertising space on our website, bespoke flyers distributed at exhibitions and as part of our newsletter and email campaigns.  We feature your lodge in our Information Packs which are sent to everyone enquiring about St Merryn Park.  Consider taking photos of every room and exterior features – there are more tips on this on our web page here.

Preparing Your Home and ensure to make sure it looks it’s absolute best when they come for a viewing.  Think back to when you bought your holiday home, what did you like about it and what have you discovered about the property or local area since?  Showing People Around could be yourself or because you are living out of the area our site manager would be able to do these on your behalf. 

Making the Sale
Ensure your home is in reasonable condition and provide Kerdene Limited with a copy of your Gas safety certificate, electrical safety certificate and a condition report on your home. The report and safety certificates should be done by a properly qualified person, so that you will not have any claims against you, for redress after your sale has completed. We do have some contact numbers in the St Merryn Park office, but this will be a private arrangement between yourselves and the people that you choose to carry out the work.  Finally  when you sell your home the assignment fee comes into force and once paid, means that we will assign the original agreement over to the new buyers.

Click here to view our preowned lodges for sale or here for our new holiday lodges.

Selling your park lodge can seem daunting but we will help you all the way.  Read more on our website or ask to speak to your park manager.

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