Pinch punch first of the month

The 1st of December is upon us and there are only 24 shopping days left until Christmas!


Here at Kerdene and St Merryn Park we all have very different shopping habits. Katherine, our marketing manager, is firmly in the digital age and does all of hers online, usually on Amazon but ebay takes a hit too. The only time she ventures into the shops is when she realises she’s forgotten someone (usually on Christmas Eve) and she has to brave the hoards. Lisa in accounts opts for a more traditional shopping approach. She likes to get involved and mix it up, leaving the computer for her work life only. Lucy and Leigh, accounts and director, respectively, take a mixed approach utilising online for those hard to get hold of items and joining in the Christmas shopping experience for the remaining treats.

There’s no way round it, Christmas means shopping but if, like me, you avoid the shops at Christmas the way a small child avoids the sprouts, then do the right thing and get it done online.

To find out more about St Merryn Park and our park homes for sale, you can contact Katherine or request an information pack.

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