New Years Eve at St Merryn Park

New Years Eve, should auld acquaintance be forgot?

New Years Eve, quite possibly the only acceptable point in the calendar when grown women can legitimately wear body glitter, it’s ok to waste champagne (without having just won the grand prix) and children are allowed up past midnight. Yes, the end of the year. A time for reflection on the misgivings of the past year and mixed promises not to make the same mistakes in the new one.

The biggest problem we all face come December 31st is, not which resolutions to make, but, where to spend the festivities. Here at Kerdene and St Merryn Park, we have put together some suggestions on how you could spend your NYE 2014. Check out these ideas:

St Merryn Park

Yes, that’s right our park has some fabulous entertainment for you. The Glass House Bar and Grill is joining in the festivities this New Years Eve. ‘Off the Wall’ will be busy rocking out some old school 60s and 70s tunes for your pleasure.


St Ives! 

This choice is for those of you who don’t shy away from a crowd, those of you who will embrace the echelons of the Cornish community and those of you who will brave the elements, come hell or high water. St Ives, usually firmly in hibernation mode during the winter months, comes alive on December 31st each year to give its residents and visitors a taste of a Caribbean Carnival (just with less warmth). The crowds gather dressed in warm woollies apart from those donned head to toe in fancy dress. Recent years have seen, pirates (no surprise there), fairytale characters and even a storm trooper or two.



Another outdoor adventure but you don’t usually need GPS trackers on every member of your group if you take this option. Down at the Harbour, the visit Newquay team are arranging an awe inspiring fireworks display that would put Big Ben and the Thames lot to shame. It’s about time someone in Cornwall did something to rival those ‘up the line’ peeps. So if you want to rocket your way into 2015, nip on down to Newquay.


Bodmin Jail 

An odd location, I grant you but you can’t beat the food. Set against the backdrop of a 17th Century correctional facility, the party nights at Bodmin Jail are second to none. The New Year they are laying on a Medieval Banquet complete with mead, music and more fun than you can handle. I quite like the thought of spending New Year at this spooky jail but that might just be my macabre sense of humour.


The choice is yours.


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