Kerdene Ltd becomes Living Wage Accredited!

We are proud to announce that Kerdene Ltd has become a Living Wage Accredited employer! This makes St Merryn Park one of only two Holiday Parks in the UK that pay the Living Wage. The other is our St Merryn neighbour, Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park.

Of the seven Cornish employers who pay the living wage, four fall into the tourism sector. Three of these companies are owned by our Director Leigh Ibottson: Kerdene (which owns St Merryn Park), the Cher Varya Group, and Clean Break.

Officially the poorest county in the UK, according to Eurostat, Cornwall’s average wage stands at just £14,300 a year compared to the country’s average of £23,300. Despite being one of the most sought after holiday destinations, as well as Britain’s most expensive holiday destination, lower wages seem to be the price you pay for choosing to live in the Duchy.

St Merryn Park and Mother Ivey’s Bay Holiday Park stand in stark contrast to the rest of Cornwall’s tourism sector, ensuring that they pay their employees a minimum of the Living Wage £7.85p/h. Living Wage has been said to help improve the quality and longevity of hired employees, resulting in a positive workforce contributing towards long-term projects and providing consistency for customers.

With Living Wage gaining momentum, and a hot topic in the wake of the General Election, could ‘ground zero’ at St Merryn spark a boom of Living Wage employers in Cornwall?

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