Ever wondered how our holiday lodges differ from conventional houses? Find out here….

A common question we come across form new lodge holiday home buyers is how our holiday lodges differ from conventional houses?

The main difference between lodges and conventional houses or bungalows is how they’re constructed. Bricks and mortar homes are built from the ground up, while lodges are typically manufactured offsite and moved to a park afterwards.

You also can’t take a mortgage out on a holiday lodge. This means that, if you don’t have the money to buy one outright, you must look for alternative kinds of financing.  When you own a holiday lodge, you’ll usually pay for your utilities differently as well. Things like your electricity, gas, and water are dealt with by the lodge owner directly with the supplier but there are site fees that you will have to pay.

The process of selling a holiday lodge is slightly different too, as the purchaser must be approved by the site owner (although, they can’t unreasonably withhold approval). Getting this approval is a particularly important step if the site your holiday lodge sits on has restrictions when it comes to the likes of the age of its residents.

Holiday lodge and conventional homes are very similar in other ways. For example, bungalows and holiday lodge look alike both inside and out. Holiday lodges can also be built with all the features of a traditional house, such as a brick shed and garden. Plus, they can be visited in all-year round on our site (but are not residential). So, while the legal and financial aspects of owning a holiday lodge are quite different to having a bricks-and-mortar property, there aren’t many differences when it comes to the practicalities of living in one.

Holiday lodges are constructed under carefully controlled workshop conditions, and then transported to the park they’re going to sit on. They typically have a timber frame, which is then mounted on a robust steel chassis. This means they’re particularly durable and weatherproof.  Once a holiday lodge is sited, it’s then connected to mains services such as drainage, electricity, and gas.
Modern holiday lodges are built in line with the British Standard BS3632 so they are well insulated and come with central heating, double glazing, and energy-efficient boilers. The latest homes are also more energy efficient with better sound proofing, which means they’re more practical and cheaper to run.

Buyers have a lot of freedom when it comes to the design of their park home. They typically come with up to three bedrooms — possibly with en-suites — plus living and dining spaces, a fully fitted kitchen, and at least one main bathroom.   Plus they usually come fully furnished, although you can choose to buy one without the furniture included. Most furnished homes will come with loose and fitted furniture, carpets or laminate flooring, and soft furnishings. They will also have all of the usual kitchen appliances that we are used to in our main residence.

If you are looking for a holiday home in Cornwall then we would recommend a visit to St Merryn park where we can show you around our range of show lodges and get a taste for holiday living in Cornwall.  book a viewing here or get us to send you an information pack here.

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