Selling Your Park Home

Useful Tips and How We Can Help if You Decide to Sell Your Park Home

First Steps

  1. Contact our Marketing Manager – Our Marketing Manager is the first person to contact if you’re thinking about selling your park home. He will have a form you need to fill out and can talk you through the process. Contact him on 01872 261301 or  Alternatively, if you’re going to be at St Merryn Park, drop into the office and see our Sales Manager who also has copies of the form.
  2. Decide What Price You Want – We are not professional valuers at Kerdene, so we are unable to give you advice on what your property might be worth.
    Look at the preowned properties currently up for sale and think about what those properties offer compared to yours. This can be a useful way of getting a rough guide as to what you can expect for your home. Use a professional valuer and our Park Manager Stephen can recommend some third parties for you.
    Once you have decided what price you would like to advertise your property for, let us know.


Marketing Your Home

  1. Our Marketing Package – We offer a marketing package to help you sell your park home. This includes:
    – Prime advertising space on our website, which we will set up for you
    – Bespoke flyers created by us advertising your home – these will be distributed at exhibitions and as part of our newsletter and email campaigns
    – Featuring in our Information Packs which are sent to everyone enquiring about St Merryn Park
    – Additional marketing by Goundrys, which means your property will appear on sites like RightMove
    – Viewings arranged and carried out.  This marketing package comes with a small charge of 2.5 percent + VAT which is only payable if your buyer is found by Kerdene or Goundrys.
  2. Take Photos of Every Room and Exterior Features – Make sure you think about the following things when taking photos:
    – Declutter your rooms as much as possible to create the illusion of space and tuck away any holiday photos or personal clutter
    – Giving your walls a fresh lick of paint can yield surprising results as the home instantly looks fresh and new again
    – Lighting, both inside and out! Try to take your photos on a sunny, partially cloudy, day for great exterior shots. Make sure you rooms aren’t too dark or glare isn’t coming through the windows to avoid making interior shots unclear and unprofessional
    – Take photos landscape; this allows for an unstretched or cropped image to appear on our website, making sure the picture looks the way you took it
  3. Contact us – Once you’ve decided on your price, contact our Marketing Manager. He can talk you through how you want to promote your home, look through your pictures and offer advice. He will then use the photos, your property details and key selling points to create the advert on our website and flyers. If you don’t have photos, or want new one’s taken, he can do this as well. Just make sure you’ve left us a key in the St Merryn Park office and let us know when the property is occupied so that we don’t interrupt any holidays! You can contact him on 01872 261 301 or email him at



  1. Preparing Your Home – If someone’s interested in your property, you need to make sure it looks it’s absolute best when they come for a viewing. A few things to consider are:
    – Carry out any repairs that you’ve been putting aside whilst living there and make sure that everything inside and outside the house is clean and in working order
    – Make beds, put cushions on sofas and highlight items that are staying with the property
    – Use your storage to the best of its ability to tidy away personal clutter, remember that people will probably be looking out for storage space and will want to see just how big that cupboard in the hallway is.
    – Don’t forget about your garden and shed, prospective buyers will be factoring this in too
    – Baking on the morning of a viewing or brewing fresh coffee is a tried and tested way to entice people and cover any fresh paint smells
    – Think back to when you bought your holiday home, what did you like about it and what have you discovered about the property or local area since?
  2. Showing People Around – You can, of course, show prospective buyers your home yourself.  However, we understand that as your park home is a second home, you may not wish to travel to Cornwall for viewings. Our Sales Manager will happily show prospective buyers around if you have decided to opt for our marketing package. You will need to provide him with a key to the property. He can be contacted on 01841 521666 or


Making the Sale

  1. Ensure Your Home is in Reasonable Condition – Regardless of whether you used us, another estate agent, or found a buyer yourself, you provide Kerdene Limited with a copy of your Gas safety certificate, electrical safety certificate and a condition report on your home. The report and safety certificates should be done by a properly qualified person, so that you will not have any claims against you, for redress after your sale has completed.  We do have some contact numbers in the St Merryn Park office, but this will be a private arrangement between yourselves and the people that you choose to carry out the work.
  2. Assignment Fee – When you sell your home, the 10% + VAT assignment fee comes into force. This means that we will assign the original agreement over to the new buyers.

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